Namaste and Swagat

Arya Samaj is a spiritual way of living with a universal message of peace and happiness, founded by "Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati" on the 10th April 1875 at Mumbai, India. We teach love, justice and righteousness towards all, irrespective of race, caste or creed. 

We are a Spiritual Movement based on Vedic Dharma, striving towards the revival of one timeless way of life natural to all mankind. It is an independent and universal community of faith actively seeking to uphold and promote the good of all. 

Havan Yajna is performed at Arya Samaj London on every Sunday at 2:30pm, followed by discourses on Vedic Literature by scholars along with meditation by our Acharya Sone Rao. We host a variety of comprehensive activities and classes throughout the week and welcome new members. 

Diwali Havan

27th October


Diwali Celebrations

2nd and 3rd November

Sangeet Sandhaya:

Saturday 2nd November 7:00pm - 10:30pm

Cultural Programme

Sunday 3rd November 2:30pm -10:30pm


Every Sunday from 2:30pm to 5pm

Yoga class

Every Tuesday at Vande Matarm Bhavan from 11am to 12pm.

Senior Citizen's Day centre and Luncheon Club

Every Wednesday from 11am to 2pm.

Music Class:

Every Wednesday & Saturday from 2pm to 5pm


Meditate and recite the following prayers daily:

Om bhurbhuvah svah; Tatsaviturvarenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi; Dhyio yo nah prachodayat

O God, Thou art the Giver of life, the Remover of pains and sorrows, the Bestower of Happiness. O Creator of the Universe, may we receive Thy supreme sin-destroying light. May thou guide our intellect in the right direction. 

Om vishwani deva savitar duritani parasuva yad bhadram tanna asuva

O Lord! The Creator of the Universe, remove all forms of vice and sorrow from us. Give us those qualities that are beneficial. 

Om agne nava supatha raye asman vishwani deva vayunani vidwan. Yuyodhyasmajjhu rana-mano bhuyish thante nama uktim vidhema. 

O luminous God! Lead us to the noble path of Thy devotion and grace. Lord! Thou knowest all our deeds. Remove frm us all our vices and sins. We offer in every way our homage and salutations to Thee. 

Om asato ma sad gamaya

Tamasoma jyotir gamaya

Mrityorma amirta gamaya

O Supreme Spirit! Lead us from untruth to truth

Lead us from darkness to light

Lead us from death to immortality

Sarve bhavantu sukinah sarve santu niramayah, sarve bhadrani pasyantu makascid dukhabhag bhavet

O Lord make all happy. May all be free from misery, may all realise goodness and may no one suffer pain. 

Om Shanthi, Shanthi, Shanthi

Forthcoming Events

May we follow the Path to Righteousness






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A Religous, Charitable and Welfare Organistation

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