Health - Stroke and Exposure to Heat

August 5, 2016

[1] Stroke: This results due to bleeding in the brain or by an intravascular clot in the brain. It is the third biggest cause of death and disability in the U K. The first and second are: heart disease and cancers respectively. It is important to remember that stroke occurs in the elderly and those aged over 50 years. Stroke is recognised by:

F Face becomes assymetrical

A Weakness or paralysis of arms

S Slurred or loss of speech

T Time to dial 999 immediately. Time should not be wasted.


The suspected case is taken to a hospital with Ct scan facilities. Scan iis taken to confirm the diagnosis and appropriate treatment initiated. Physiotherapist and speech therapist play significvant roles in the management of cases in the special stroke units. Co-operation of the patient is vital. Some individuals are left with residual weakness/paralysis.


Control of high blood pressure, healthy life style, regular exercise and eating a balanced diet rich in green leafy vegetables,fruits and nuts. Control diabetes and high blood cholesterol. Avoid obesity, alcohol and do not smoke.


 [2] Exposure to heat

The babies and the elderly are at risk of suffering from heat illness or Heat stroke. High temperature with high humidity and wearing clothes that prevent heat loss can lead to heat illness. The individual concerfned should be moved away from heat and cooled with cold sponges. Hydration should be maintained with water and salt.

Heat Stroke is life threatening. The body temperature is above 40 degrees Centigrade. The affected person has nausea, vomiting, weakness, headache and comatose. This is an emergency and individual should be removed to a hospital for treatment in an Intensive Care Unit.


Heat illness and Heat Stroke can be prevented by not exposing one self to high temperatures. Wear loose clothing and maintain proper hydration.


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