August 6, 2016

 [1] Acharyaji recited a mantra from Atharva Veda (10.8.44) and explained that atma (Soul) resides in a body and is immortal. It leaves the body on death to a new abode. Atma is without any desire of worldly attainments and is prefect and contented. Atma is happy when an individual does good deeds.


A person who understands that atma is immortal, firm, mature and undecaying does not fear death.


[2] The mind is the cause of bondage and salvation. Here bondage means the cycle of birth and death and salvation is freedom from this cycle. Life is full of problems, obstacles and temptations. These often divert people from the right path. Those with determination and zeal can reach their destination. This is evident from the history of Mahabharata and the role of Lord Krishna.


Mind is very powerful and is engaged in determination and resolution of ideas. If it is properly controlled it can produce desired results. Mind gets information of the events by the sense organs and passes it to the soul. The mind is active and agile and has to be kept under control to prevent it going astray.


 [3] Acharyaji recited a mantra from Rig Veda (4.50.1) and explained that the sun pervades all the three regions: earth, middle region and the upper region. With its rays it upholds the earth. In the same manner a great Vedic scholar who has mastery of the Vedas and is virtuous upholds the masses with his sermons. Wise Rishis with full knowledge and meaning of the Vedas illuminated big cities with noble and virtual thoughts.


Maharishi Swami Dayanand Sarswati preached the true meaning of the Vedas in the face of opposition from many pandits and pujaris.  


Mr Rattan Pal


Mr Rattan Pal recited a mantra from Rig Veda (2.21.5) and explained that the mantra is about scholars and learned people. The scholars speak by carefully selecting their words and impart true knowledge to their listeners. In this way they multiply their knowledge and wisdom.They acquire sober habits and follow the path of righteousness. They practise yajna and earn reputation. Swami Dayanand Sarswati was such a scholar.


A person who wants to acquire knowledge and wisdom should always stay in the company of noble persons, do yajna and practise yoga.



 Pandit Yajna Mitra


Gayatri Mantra is also called Maha mantra, Savitri and Guru Mantra. In the mantra the word “devasya” denotes illuminator of souls. The devotee prays to God to enlighten his intellect with light of wisdom. His intellect should be sharp and active and he should become diligent.


The soul controls the mind. The various sense organs in the body direct the mind to perform an action. The mind receives the order from the soul to act. The soul is happy with righteous activities and instructs the mind to avoid evil deeds.  




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October 6, 2018

October 6, 2018

October 6, 2018

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