Whither Hinduism

April 30, 2017



The Vedic Dharma (Hinduism) is the oldest religion of the world. According to Vedas there is only One God with many names describing His attributes. God is Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent and All pervading. God is the creator of the Universe, its Preserver and can Destroy it. During the Vedic era all people were equal and there was no caste system. After the Mahabharata and during the occupation of India by foreigners there has been erosion of Vedic Dharma. In place of One God there are many gods and goddesses. Hindus worship different gods. This has divided the Hindus in various sections and sects. Many temples have been erected and idol worship is promoted, There is discrimination among the people and caste system has taken roots in the Hindu society. The communities are divided by labels of upper class and lower class. Then there are the so called the untouchables. Most of the people from so called lower class are illiterate because they do not have any opportunities to read or write. Many Hindus from so called lower class have embraced other religions and faiths.


All the evil practices in the Hindu society are man made and propagated by anti Vedic priests and pandits for their own personal gain. All people are born equal. For proper functioning a society needs different categories of people to undertake various tasks. According to Vedas the system of classification of people in a society is called Varna System. A society needs good and learned scholars and teachers (Brahmana), honest and brave politicians and soldiers (Kshatriya), honest business men (Vaishya) and manual workers (Shudra). The people are classified according to their abilities and not according to their births. These are not rigid classes and there is scope to move from one class to the other.


During the 19th Century Maharishi Swami Dayanand Sarswati revived the Vedas and preached against the evil and anti Vedic practices and blind faith prevalent in India. Today the Hindu society is in the grips of anti Vedic practices. Witch craft, black magic, idol worship and belief in miracles still prevail and have engulfed the Hindu society. With these practices the Hindu society is sitting on a self destruct fuse which can blow up the whole society into unrecognisable sections and without a strong common voice on national and international matters.


The salvation of Hinduism lies in the revival of Vedas and following the scriptures and rites. This is the path that should be shown to the younger generation to follow, otherwise they would find themselves totally lost and confused in the maze of many gods and goddesses. One needs Vedic Dharma for one’s identity. Hindu Dharma is the Vedic Dharma. Embrace it with open arms and ensure that man made evil practices do not penetrate it.

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October 6, 2018

October 6, 2018

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