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Acharya Sone Rao


Acharyaji  recited a few words from Yajur Veda (21.47) and explained that the mantra has examples of praise of many things: a person’s speech or his desire for victory, power of electricity, the majestic rays of the sun, powerful commander of an army and a highly intellectual person cherishes noble aspirationa. The devotee should be familiar with these examples and improve his life to enjoy the useful things in the world.        


[2]       True knowledge once acquired remains with the individual for the duration of his/her life. It is a veery precious gift which no one can steal or snatch from the individual. The knowledge should be used for good purpose. It should never be used to harm or defraud others. The aim should be to help the society and the masses so that they are able to help others.


Ravana was a very intelligent and knowledgeable person but he became notorious by kidnapping Sita. This is an example where knowledge was not used properly. With proper knowledge one should have one.s mind under control and it should not be allowed to function erratically. True knowledge is gained from the Vedas.


[3]       Acharyaji recited a part of the mantra from Sam Ved (Khand 11 .Sukta 5 and mantra 844) and explained that cosmic and terrestrial fires are kindled from Supreme Energy. All the devotees should sing to the glory of God. He is all wise and is the true guardian of all virtuous devotees. God showers His blessings on those who follow the path of righteousness.



Dr Madan R Bahl


Ram  Navami (birth of Lord Rama) was celebrated on 5th April 2017. He was an ideal man with exemplary qualities. He was devoted to his parents and loved by his brothers. He treated everyone alike without any discrimination. He respected all classes of people. Lord Rama got rid of evil and wicked people who troubled the rishis and the sadhus. For all his qualities Lord Rama was known as “Maryada Purusottam”.


On the Ram Navami day people especially the children should be reminded  the qualities of Lord Rama and encouraged to emulate these qualities.   


[2] Knee Replacement for degenerative osteoarthritis Osteorthritis of knee joint is a painful condition and leads to lot of disability. Failure to treat the condition with medication and steroid injections calls for surgical intervention. This is surgery for knee replacement of the affected joint. The individual has a thorough assessment prior to the surgery. If there are no contraindications surgery is performed.


The upper end of shin bone and lower end of thigh bone are removed and replaced with an artificial knee joint. Artificial knee joints are made of either  plastic or metal. The choice depends on the surgeon. In the past special cement was used to replace the affected joint and now the tradition is to use cementless joints. After a week or ten days of hospitalisation, the individual is discharged from the hospital. He/she is able to walk with a stick or crutches. The pain if persists is treated with pain killers. Patients are encouraged to do physiotherapy. This helps both pain and flexibility of the joint.

In the elderly the complication rate of the operation is about 5%. The knee joint lasts for a long time and in rare cases it may become loose necessatating another operation. Knee replacement is the answer to pain and disability not responding to medication. 


Mr Ramesh Vaish


He briefly spoke about atma tattva (soul) and Parama Atma ( God). Both are immortal and eternal. Parama atma is One and is Formless, Omnipresent and Omniscient. Atma (soul) is present in all living creatures. In humans atma enjoys, sees, hears, smells, tastes, touches and thinks. Atma leaves one body at death and enters another body according to “karmas” of the individual. Atma never gives up its march from one station to another. To keep atma happy one should always do good deeds and avoid evil deeds.


God realization can be achieved by yoga and meditation.


Pandit Yajna Mitra


[1]       God blesses the dedicated devotees with prosperity. He is just and liberal. God is always with His devotees. Parmatma and atma reside in one’s innermost heart. God is realised by meditation. Always do good deeds to please the atma.


Vedas are the books of true knowledge. One has to work hard to acquire this knowledge. Man has intelligence which is absent in the animals. One should use intelligence for doing good deeds. God rewards good deeds and appropriate punishment is meted out for evil deeds. This is the essence of “Karmic cycle”. Vedic scholars should impart true knowledge to the masses so that they can improve their lives.


[2]       Panditji recited a mantra from Atharva Veda and explained that a person should never sit alone. He/she should be in the company of others. They should work together and fully co-operate with one another. When people are working together they can achieve their targets and are usually successful. Their thinking is uniform. They follow uniform code of conduct and successfully move ahead.


Mr Rattan Pal


Mr Rattan Pal recited a mantra from Atharva Veda (12.1.54) and explained that a person must have confidence in himself/herself to succeed in life. One should always keep company of wise and good people. It is vital to acquire proper and true knowledge. With confidence and knowledge one can make progress in life. Swami Dayanand Sarswati successfully faced many challenges in life. He faced all the challenges with confidence and vigour. Soldiers who are well prepared and have full support of their leadrers are always victorious.


Mr Ravi Khosla


Thetre are many fake gods in the world. The temples around the world are adorned with idols of so called gods. In a temple an idol of Lord Rama is referred to as bhagwan Ram and that of Hanuman as bhgawan Hanuman. Both of them were human beings. God is One, Unborn and is Formless. He is Omnipresent. All the idols are made of inert materials. In temples people offer food to the idols. They believe the idols eat , drink and sleep. How can idols without having mouth eat the food. Many people do not entertain guests in their houses and do not feed their animal pets yet offer food to the idols.

Once a couple from Delhi visited Kidar Nath Temple. There were thousands of people who had lined up to pay respects to god. In the crowd there was an elderly man from Rajstan who had come to worship the god. People were paying their respects to the idol and moving on. This elderly person asked the pujari of the temple if he could get some extra time to talk to the idol and get the blessings from the god. The pujari pushed him away and said that he has been at the temple for 32 years and has not received blessings from god and he will receive nothing in a few minutes.


Arya Samaj does not preach idol worship. God is One and all should worship Him.










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