Prayer for today

August 5, 2017


By: Yogi Kumar

Father Lod, I believe that you created me for a special purpose. And that you have a perfect plan for my life.


I ask that you fulfil your purpose for me and help me to do my part by earnestly seeking you daily through prayer and your words.


Thank you that as I seek you each day, you will guide me along the best path way for my life.


Oh God, the giver of life, remover of pains and sorrow, the bestower of happiness and the creator of the Universe.  Thou art the most luminous, pure and adorable.  We meditate on Thee.  May thou inspire and guide our intellect in the right direction.


Dear Lord, the creator of the Universe, lead us to the noble path of thy devotion and grace.  Lord, remove from us all our vices and sins. 


O Supreme Spirit, lead us from untruth to truth, lead us from darkness to light.


Points to Note

  • Birth:                                Given by Othes

  • Name:                               Give by Others

  • Education:                        Given by Others

  • Income:                             Given by Others

  • Respect:                            Given by Others

  • First and Last Name:        Gvien by Others

  • Property & Belongings:   Will be taken byOthers

  • Funeral Service:               Will be done by Others


Why do we have unnecessary ego and problems in our lives?  Let us all simplify our life, and love and live peacefully with others.

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October 6, 2018

October 6, 2018

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