October 6, 2018

Acharya Sonerao 

[1]      Janam Ashtamiis celebrated by Hindus with great pomp and splendour. Bhagwan Krishna was well versed in Vedas. This is evident from Bhagvad Gita. The book is read by people of different faiths and cultures. He was devoted to Yoga and had a thorough understanding of human mind. He was superb orator. He did not tolerate injustice of any kind. He upheld the principles of Dharma.

Hindus should sing praises of Bhagwan Krishna and acquire some of his qualities.


 [2]     Acharyaji recited a couplet from Manusmiriti (4.178) and explained that all should respect the elders and help them to do their tasks. In this way the elders will give their blessings to the younger folks.

All should follow the lineage of their forefathers. Learn from their mistakes and live in peace.  Always do good deeds.  

 [3]     Upasanameans devotion to God and communion with Him. This is achieved by prayer and meditation. One’s mind is purified and the presence of mind is retained.


Svadhyayameans study of oneself.This is a Sanskrit word: “Sva” means self and “Adhyayana” means study. It also includes study from books to gain true knowledge.


[4]      Acharyaji recited a mantra from Atharav Ved (2.2.1) and explained that this mantra is about cloud and electricity and shows us the wonders of God. The clouds and the lightning should be appreciated by all the living objects. The devotee is praying to God and expresses his words of appreciation for the many wonders created by Him.  .




Dr Madan R Bahl


[1]       The Principles of Arya Samaj were written for the welfare of all human beings. The 6thPrinciple states: “The prime object of Arya Samaj is to do good to the world that is to ameliorate physical, spiritual and social conditions of all men”


It is vital to have good health to undertake one’s tasks. If the health is in bad state one cannot do anything and has to rely on others. One should not fall a prey to blind faith and practice witchcraft. There is One God that is Omnipresent, Omniscient. Almighty and Formless and one should worship only this God. All should strive to improve social conditions in one’s community. Treat everyone alike without any discrimination on the basis of sex, colour or creed. There are no upper or lower classes of human beings. All are equal. These  are the teaching of Arya Samaj and everyone should follow these for the betterment of their communities.           


[2]      Health of Eyes:It is very important to look after our eyes. Without eyes one lives in total darkness and is unable to perform activities of the daily living. In the UK about 2 million people are registered blind. This number is increasing as the population is aging. The main causes of blindness are:


  • Refractive errors                                              32%

  • Age Related Macular Degeneration              29%

  • Cataract                                                           22%

  • Glaucoma                                                         7%

  • Diabetes                                                                       3%

  • Miscellaneous                                                   7%


Most of these causes are treatable if these are detected early. Well controlled diabetes should not lead to blindness. Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is of two types: Dry and Wet. There is no treatment for dry type and the wet type is treated by injections in the eye.


Prevention of blindness: Regular eye tests by an optician, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol, eat diet rich in green leafy vegetables and fresh fruit and do regular exercise to keep body weight under control. 








Mr Yajna Mitra


Mr Yajna Mitra referred to Svasti Vacanam Mantras and said these are for the welfare of human beings. God is the Creator and the Protector of the universe. God is just and rewards good deeds and punishes those engaged in evil deeds. Man should keep company of scholars and people who follow the path of righteousness. He can gain true knowledge from them and lead a happy and prosperous life.


The devotee prays to God for a long and healthy life. He should be prosperous and look after his family members. He should do Yajna and always do good deeds and live in peace.


Mr Rattan Pal


Mr Rattan Pal recited a mantra from Atharav Ved (12.5.8) and explained that this mantra is about improving the functioning of society and country. A country must have learned scholars (Brahmana) to impart true knowledge to the masses. This will encourage them to become good citizens. The country must have effective defensive power and military (Kshatriya) to protect the citizens from crime and aggression of any kind. There have to be good business people (Vaishya) to generate money to run the affairs of the country and there have to be manual workers (Shudras) to keep the towns and cities clean.



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October 6, 2018

October 6, 2018

October 6, 2018

October 6, 2018

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